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AwlWorks’ line of products consists of original and unique designs for the law enforcement professional and anyone looking for quality leather gear.  We don’t skimp on the materials we use to create our products, making them some of the most durable leather gear available on the market today.  Along with durability, we stress the importance of appearance and take care to incorporate attention to detail in all of our designs.  Many of the design philosophies found here originated with Mountain Leatherworks and have given us a solid foundation to build and improve upon.



Handmade Premium Leather Gear



AwlWorks, LLC is a small manufacturing company located in Bozeman, Montana that produces highly durable, heavy duty leather gear. Although several of our products are marketed for the law enforcement community, our belt line and many other items are great products for just about anybody. If you are looking for quality leather products, you’ve come to the right place!

Patterns for our initial products came from Mountain Leatherworks, a company that spent years developing and producing many original, unique designs. They were able to refine their designs that solved specific problems presented to them by law enforcement individuals and agencies. Mountain Leatherworks closed their doors a number of years ago but their products continue to be in use and there is a demand for the return of these products to production.

AwlWorks, LLC purchased the patterns and tooling equipment used by Mountain Leatherworks. We’ve found the original designs to be sound with proven durability and functionality in the field. We manufacture those same high quality items and develop new products using the same design philosophy.


Most of the products are unique and we do not intend to copy the standard designs that are made in large quantities by other manufacturers. As we develop new products to meet the needs that arise from the ever changing technology in law enforcement equipment, we intend to match the same high standards of quality and durability that the originals have shown over the years.

If you like our products, tell your friends and colleagues. If you don’t like our products, tell us. We appreciate any comments and suggestions from the field and will work diligently to provide solutions to any challenges that may be presented.

Please note: No items are carried “in stock”. All merchandise is hand-crafted on a made-to-order basis, according to the details and specifications you provide; so you get the exact product you want – not a compromise!

Handmade with ♡ by George & Deb.


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AwlWorks, LLC

P.O. Box 4141

Bozeman, MT 59772

Tel: 406-587-6261

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